Importance of Medical and Drug Tests in Job Selection Processes

Nowadays, in most job selection processes, most employers usually ask for the interviewees to be medically examined. This is because nowadays employers want to make sure that they hire people who are healthy and who are not drug addicts. Most of these tests that employers usually demand include drug and medical tests. Here are why the employers will insist that you take the tests with them so that you get hired fast.

Healthy Workforce

officeEmployers are always looking for workers that are fit and healthy. This is because having a healthy workforce increases the efficiency of any organization. There are some jobs that also require physical fitness as a mandatory quality that you must possess. Employers will also demand that you go through medical and drug tests to make sure that you are not using any illegal drugs. This is because they are looking for responsible and law-abiding people to employ.

Workplace Safety

Another reason why employers would make you go through drug tests and medical tests is so that they can guarantee the safety of other people at the workplace. For a workplace to be safe, it has to be free of drug and alcohol abusers. This will help to reduce carelessness in the workplace. This is especially important in workplaces that involve the use of machinery. This is why most employers usually require their job seekers to have their urine and blood screened to detect drug use. Urine tests can detect someone who has been using cocaine and cannabis recently.

Public Health Protection

Employers are allowed by the law to reject applications from people who are suffering from infectious diseases. Employers are thus given this power so that they can help to protect the health of the public. This can seem a bit discriminatory. However, there are some diseases that are excluded.

Mental Stability

Employers Employers will also make you go through drugs and medical checks so that they can determine your mental stability before they hire you. These tests will also determine your emotional stability. If you are someone who is a heavy drug user, then chances could be high that you are not mentally stable. If you are a heavy alcoholic, then employers might conclude that you could be emotionally unstable. They will, therefore, shy away from hiring you. This is because drugs can affect someone’s mental and emotional health.

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